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Tiding through Covid-19 together

Not every business has the same resources. 

Is your business affected? Ask for help.
Are you able to help other businesses? Tell us more.

Let's share whatever we can and emerge stronger.

Melvin replied 3 months ago

List of Aids Available and Relevant for Small Singapore Businesses

  1. Work Life Grant ($2,000 per employee if work from home for 1 month)
  2. Foreign Worker Levy Waiver and $750 Rebate per foreign worker
  3. Job Support Scheme  (25% to 75% salaries' subsidy)
  4. Wage Credit Scheme (15% to 20% subsidy for wage increases)
  5. Self Employed Relief Fund ($1,000 per month for 9 months)
  6. PayNow Incentive ($25 per PayNow Corporate Signup)
  7. Productivity Solutions Grant (80% off 3 laptops)
  8. Temporary Bridging Loan Programme

Did I miss anything? Leave the link in comments.

Manisha replied a month ago

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