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Billy liked a year ago

Simply take a break every 30-45 mins will help. The meantime donโ€™t spend your entire working day sitting by dining table, change your work the station as well.ย 

Gareth commented a year ago
Gareth Chew Zhixiang
Co-director and Principal Physiotherapist @ Heartland Physio

Yup! My advice for posture is this "The best posture is your next posture!" So you've got it right that standing and walking (duh!) is one way to move out of the sitting posture. Actually, sometimes I tell my clients to slouch for a short while then sit tall for a short while then slouch for a short while. So that helps with the mid and lower back. Then there are exercises to "open up" the chest. And don't forget the upper trapezius and levator scapulae muscles that tend to over work with a forward head posture. In general, I... (More)