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Relationships@Home 24/7: Strained Vs Strengthened

WFH and HBL happening all in the same space can be very challenging for everyone in the family. Running out of conversation topics or patience with your child? Or some innocent “small talk” triggers a shouting match where neighbours become spectators?

We all have different needs that clamour to be met. That inevitably shapes our unique way of relating with each other.

This interaction is like a dance — it only works if both do the right thing at the right time and in sync with the rhythm.

Parenting Coaches from Edaphic Leadership Consulting will be presenting some meaningful and practical strategies on finding the rythmn to “dance” right with your children through:

- understanding your personal 'speedometer'

- identifying the signals of an outgoing and reserved person, and

- appreciating the needs of differently-paced people


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We go live on 7th May, 2020. 8pm - 9pm (GMT +8hrs)

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