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SBO Community Rules

Just like how a pride of lions that travels together thrives better, like-minded businesses that work closely together are able to take on bigger challenges that one business may otherwise find hard to overcome.

In order to build a close-knit community that is serious about growth, able to work together collaboratively, watch out for and not take advantage of each other, there are rules to observe.


Things you can post

  • Questions pertaining to business.
  • Articles and videos that teach, inform, help or inspire.
  • Your business journey.
  • Aids and grants.
  • Free resources.
  • Good deals.

Things you cannot post

  • Anything with the intention to sell (except in the Marketplace).
  • Events with the primary goal of selling to business owners.
  • Any form of investment or passive income "opportunities".

Respect all members

We want to build a community that is inclusive and safe for everyone. Be constructive if you have any critical things to say. We will remove any member who posts unconstructive criticism or hate speech.

Don't make things difficult for us

Don't try to creatively interpret the rules. What is laid out here should be interpreted plainly as is. We're a very lean team and it'll be hard for us to police every aspect of this forum. We will not get into any form of argument as to why certain posts or members are removed. 

No advertising (unless you're posting in Marketplace)

As a rule of thumb, the aim of your posts (including comments) should be to teach, inform, help or inspire members, not to sell. Questions and discussions on business challenges are welcome too. 

Unless a member asks specifically for a referral, any threads or comments that overtly promote a product or service posted in the wrong topic shall be removed. 


The rule here is that when someone reads your post, they must learn something.

If you want to do any form of advertising, there is a Marketplace.

No spamming

Try to keep your daily posting to three posts a day. Help us keep the community clean by tagging your new posts to the correct topics.There are other members who want to contribute to the community as well. Spammers will be removed immediately.

No baiting

Get to the point. Don't make people guessing what you're trying to post or what your intentions are.

Member removal

We will remove any members who are posting things that are not in line with our community guidelines without warning. If you are unsure, please state so at the beginning of your post and we will advise accordingly.

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