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Business Problems
Business Problems

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John Poh
Founder, Freelance Logo and Graphic Designer at Johnery

Business owners, where do you normally source for graphic design services?

As a graphic designer who runs a creative business, it can be a challenge sometimes to find new clients. So far I have been relying on social media such as LinkedIn and Instagram to some degree of success, but currently looking to be more involved in spaces where business owners normally source for graphic design services.

Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Is MOM out of touch?

Migrant workers are now at the centre of our fight against COVID-19, and as MOM moves to implement strict measures, are they forgetting the constraints that companies, employers and even the migrant workers are facing?

One Facebook user, who appears to employ migrant workers, airs his difficulties:

WARNING: Explicit language ahead.

Dear MOM, your policies suck.
You come out with multiple policies daily, some send by sms, some by email and some through the news.

You put foreign workers on SHN, fine.
You add on saying that employers must provide for their meals and check on them daily...
You think... (More)

Many businesses are voicing their gripes with Grab

Here's the post I'm referring to:

I think it's really sad that this guy needs to end his post with "Note to Grab : Please don’t ban my account. I still will use you guys !"

Any F&B owners struggling with food delivery platforms? Regular customers of these platforms, what do you think about the surcharges you have to pay?

We lead the feelings, don't let emotion to lead us.

Emotion is the state—fear, anger, disgust, joy, or sadness, which brought on by the event happened. It is a CONSEQUENCE of the event unfolded.

Feeling is CONSCIOUSNESS. We are consciously aware of the state of our feeling. Hence, we have the capacity to shift our feeling away from negative, toxic ones to unstuck ourselves.

Only then we can relaunch ourselves to a better state and work towards our goals.  Good luck everyone !!!