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Coffee Talk

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Coffee Talk

Advice for overcoming this covid crisis

Regardless of what industry you are in, the general advice I would say is:

  1. Prevent overbleeding, survive
  2. Slow down and systemize
  3. Predict when will covid be over, know what to do when covid is over
  4. Restart, take opportunity and grow

#1 Survive

If you are in financial difficulties, do whatever you can to prevent out flowing of funds. If you need to pay lesser to your employees, do make plans of how to compensate them back when times are better.

Key is to survive.

#2 Systemize

This is the best time for all of us to slow down and think... (More)

Coffee Talk

I'm curious how you all interact with and build relationships with people at home during this extended CB!

Dear all, if you find this might be useful to you or friends you know, then do sign up below! It's a complimentary 60min webinar we are extending to parents/families or anyone who might need it.


Relationships@Home 24/7: Strained Vs Strengthened

WFH and HBL happening all in the same space can be very challenging for everyone in the family. Running out of conversation topics or patience with your child? Or some innocent “small talk” triggers a shouting match where neighbours become spectators?

We all have different needs that clamour to be met. That inevitably shapes our unique way of... (More)

Jimmy Lim
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